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Wednesday, 26 November 2014 • 10:04 pm • 0 comments

 Hello everyone . do you have a good day today ? I hope so . Hmm, i got a new assignment to do but my assignment that i received before still do not complete. okay , lets proceed the points . so i want to continue my question from the entry that i wrote before . Hope you enjoy it .

7 ) What has been the most difficult part of adjusting to university life ? What are your
     favourite things about UTM ? 

Answer : 

Hmm , actually i don't even know what the most difficult things because i am independent person ,so i have enough time and yes ! i am still fine to go through . At university it is depend on you to do study or not but when in exam make sure you do best . But when the lecturer gives you assignments you need to complete it on time so that your marks will not be deducted because it will effect your pointer . My difficult part is when i don't have a laptop and during that time there are a lot of assignment i have to complete . It is happen now and i need to borrow my friend's laptop . So awkward ... 

My favourite things about UTM is they always have a festival . What i mean is they invited instagram shop to come at our utm . hahaha i spend a lot on it . UTM also provide with many activities for student to join like doing a marathon , hiking together , and so on . 

This is my Question that i want to ask :

 8)    What is your target at UTM or after UTM since you are now as a UTM's Student ?

Answer :

My goal at UTM since now i am as student is to excellent in my study and life . YES ! That is everyone dreams to be but i am too . I  try hard to have a good result so that my parents will proud of me . Study is the bad thing everyone will think because there is no one love to study . Do you love study ? NO , i think . hahahaa . To get what you want most in life is you have to success in your study first so, that you will get a good job with a good image . From that you will get what you want . I love travel . I always dream to travel around the world . If i have a good future and success in life , i will travel happily with my family without thinking anything difficult for me . After i graduate , i will further my study but maybe i need a job first to relax . 

9 )  What you want to do if you have a lot of money as a student ?  

Answer :

Hahahaha ...  I want to buy anything that make me happy . As a student a i want to have a good gadget . I want to buy an apple laptop , a mobile phone of iphone 6 plus ,a tablet. It is easy for me to research or watching movies from tablet and with iphone i want to take as many as i can a beautiful picture because i love it ! Oh , if i really have that money . Morever , i want to go to oversea or travel alone at any place that makes me feel fresh and calm . Then i want to buy a car . It is easy for me to go anywhere rather than having a delivery car . Oh ... it's just a dream actually .

10 )   What is your favourite subject in school ?

Answer : 

 i love all the subject except fundamental and mechanics . Why ? hmm it is not that i do not understand what they teach me , but it is myself that i cannot love it . Luckily i still do tutorials for the subject so that i will understand  a bit . Fluid , mathematics ? Subjects that makes me stress with all their numbers .  when you know how to do the calculation you will feel happy and want to answer a next question but if you stuck at one question your mood automatically down . It is normal for people i think when they doing a calculation . 

That's all from me . I am sorry for my " broken english " . I need to do mechanical tutorial now because my test 2 is around the corner , Bye :) 

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