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Saturday, 9 November 2013 • 10:40 pm • 1 comments
Hai Guys and Assalamualaikum w.b.r ..

 SUdah berhabuk Blog ini . HaHa . After the incident i thought i will never write this anymore but i was wrong . So , tonight i want to share something ..

 I found one guy that look familiar attitudes with FA but he is so loving for me,  " OverLoving" but i like it ! He is so kind , so Handsome , so Cute , so Romantic ... hAhA siapa sangka aku menjadi secret admire .. aku suka cara dia , cara dia buat kerja , cara dia menulis , SO SOFT ! hmm tak sangka we will be together on 10 August 13 .. I love him but he always asked me if i love him or not .. i did't know anymore how i can show my love to make him know that i love him .. Actually aku bukan nak cerita pasal ni , that's just short story i want you guys know about me now . Even we lost someone we love , but we have a right to feel happy ..it's not wrong to be happy , Right ? ...

Sebenarnya aku sedih .. cuti sem yang menyedihkan ! xtahu nak ckap dekat sape .. i have so many problems that i think it don't has any solution ... hmm ternyata memendam sesuatu masalah boleh mnyebabkan sikap kita berubah yer .. itu sebah MR H ada cakap aku dah berubah .. HaHa .. aku tak thu nak ckap ape sedangkan aku rasa aku still mcm dulu . mcm Balqis yg dia kenal dulu ... Xtahu nak gembira atau sedih dgn hidup skrg ? Masalah ni langsung tiada kaitan dgn MR H .. xnak cerita dkat sape2 masalah ni .. as long i can face this , i face it , if not just let my heart think to do ... Ape korang buat kalau korang ada masalah ? Aku tak suka share , aku  suka pendam and then solve it byself ... Tapi aku tak rasa mcm aku boleh . HAHA .. it's so hurt to feel this situation .. Effectnya aku rasa bersemangat nak belajar , lebih pada biasa ... and it's cruel if i said i had thought to revenge it ..   2014 , please wish me luck to through all this alone .. i know i'm a strong , patience and brave person .. So i can do that .. Wish me Luck everyone .. i love you ..

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