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Monday, 19 December 2011 • 12:40 am • 0 comments
         hai sayang ..
hmm nk story2 skit nim .. hmm sy nim dah tkot nk couple coz selalu jeh kena curg .. dan loniey sy tgah angau dgn someone .. hehehe bkn pakwe n bkn kekasih lg .. just like2 gituh jeh .. hmm tuh ahh biler nk jupa awak? sy miss sgat awak ? asyik tgok citer awak , gba awak jehh.. hahah nk tao saper nim hah org nyeh ??

hahaah jus kiding ~ true now~

hmm awak tak ingat sy kehh .. aduhh ! sedih nyeh .. hmm sy thu awak merajuk dgn sy coz dulu sy pilih yg lain kan .. tpi now naper stelah awk thu sy single awk xdtg pm .. malah awak jauhi sy .. hehehe den all about me u forget !! xpe sy xmrah awk sebab sy pernah buat awk benci sy .. tpi awk silap .. awk pon pernah buat sy skit hati .. now pom still make me feel think bad about you .. 

ahhhhhhhhh !! hate lah mcm nim .. naper i buleh knal you .. why now i always think about you .. about all n why you treat me like dis .. never close like before .. sad laahhh  .. hah ............ rasa macam nk pergi ckap biar awak thu semua itu .. haha sedih lah sy .. and now i know u have someone .. dats why u're not close with me anymore .. right ?? i know .. so dat why sy menjauhi awk .. all about u i never care ..                                                                                                
                                                                                     mmuahh ~tata~

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