Continue My LEAD Questions
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 Hello everyone . do you have a good day today ? I hope so . Hmm, i got a new assignment to do but my assignment that i received before still do not complete. okay , lets proceed the points . so i want to continue my question from the entry that i wrote before . Hope you enjoy it .

7 ) What has been the most difficult part of adjusting to university life ? What are your
     favourite things about UTM ? 

Answer : 

Hmm , actually i don't even know what the most difficult things because i am independent person ,so i have enough time and yes ! i am still fine to go through . At university it is depend on you to do study or not but when in exam make sure you do best . But when the lecturer gives you assignments you need to complete it on time so that your marks will not be deducted because it will effect your pointer . My difficult part is when i don't have a laptop and during that time there are a lot of assignment i have to complete . It is happen now and i need to borrow my friend's laptop . So awkward ... 

My favourite things about UTM is they always have a festival . What i mean is they invited instagram shop to come at our utm . hahaha i spend a lot on it . UTM also provide with many activities for student to join like doing a marathon , hiking together , and so on . 

This is my Question that i want to ask :

 8)    What is your target at UTM or after UTM since you are now as a UTM's Student ?

Answer :

My goal at UTM since now i am as student is to excellent in my study and life . YES ! That is everyone dreams to be but i am too . I  try hard to have a good result so that my parents will proud of me . Study is the bad thing everyone will think because there is no one love to study . Do you love study ? NO , i think . hahahaa . To get what you want most in life is you have to success in your study first so, that you will get a good job with a good image . From that you will get what you want . I love travel . I always dream to travel around the world . If i have a good future and success in life , i will travel happily with my family without thinking anything difficult for me . After i graduate , i will further my study but maybe i need a job first to relax . 

9 )  What you want to do if you have a lot of money as a student ?  

Answer :

Hahahaha ...  I want to buy anything that make me happy . As a student a i want to have a good gadget . I want to buy an apple laptop , a mobile phone of iphone 6 plus ,a tablet. It is easy for me to research or watching movies from tablet and with iphone i want to take as many as i can a beautiful picture because i love it ! Oh , if i really have that money . Morever , i want to go to oversea or travel alone at any place that makes me feel fresh and calm . Then i want to buy a car . It is easy for me to go anywhere rather than having a delivery car . Oh ... it's just a dream actually .

10 )   What is your favourite subject in school ?

Answer : 

 i love all the subject except fundamental and mechanics . Why ? hmm it is not that i do not understand what they teach me , but it is myself that i cannot love it . Luckily i still do tutorials for the subject so that i will understand  a bit . Fluid , mathematics ? Subjects that makes me stress with all their numbers .  when you know how to do the calculation you will feel happy and want to answer a next question but if you stuck at one question your mood automatically down . It is normal for people i think when they doing a calculation . 

That's all from me . I am sorry for my " broken english " . I need to do mechanical tutorial now because my test 2 is around the corner , Bye :) 

My Assignment
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Hello , now i am UTM student's. i was attend one of English class that was provided for me . My English lecturer is Miss. Jenny . Sorry for not active in a long period  in this blog cause i have a busy work to do . HaHa . Actually i need to do 10 short essay based on question that Miss.Jenny given . Srry for my improper grammar , just ignore it okay :p 

Here are the essay ( assignment ) : 

  1. In what ways have you used English in the past ? How will you use it in the future ? What is your motivation for learning English ? 
Answer : 

hmm , i have used English in the past to talk to people or sending message in English just for a little bit because i am afraid to use it . If i am talented and fluent in English i will use it  in future by talking to people in English often . My motivation for learning English is to make me comfortable talk in English with people fluently

    2 . If you could travel to any country , (without worrying about cost , a language   barrier or anything else) where would you go ? why ? what would you do then ?

Answer :

if i could travel to any country without worrying about cost , my broken language or anything else , i would like to go to Korea . It is because i want see their beautiful place , in other hand because i love to take picture .  i will tour around the country to take picture of their culture . I am also a food lover .
i am feel excite to try all their food but yes , cause i does not have so much money so i will find a cheap food but look delicious and of course a halal food for me as muslim. I also do a  research about Korea and they said that they have a big theme park , place where we can have fun . It will be an exciting moment if icould play all the games there .  Oh , i can imagine i was there . hahaha 

 i wanna share some pictures for you :

  3. What is important to you ? What is one issue in currents events social justice etc that you care about deebly . Why ? Examples racum , world hunger , animal fight , religious freedom ? 

Answer :

Important to me is how to get a peace in real life , to make peace with people and living without no war or worries . Issue in currents events social justice that spread and still active is religious problem . In the larger world religions, religious beliefs are largely based upon the writings in a holy book -- the Hebrew Scriptures for Jews, the Holy Bible for Christians, the Qur'an for Muslims, etc. The actual text of these books is more or less fixed. Thus, religious beliefs evolve only as the interpretation of the holy book(s) change. This is often a very slow process.

Some people always said about religious problem can cause war and hatred 

It is a sad and undeniable truth that religion has, far too often, been the cause for war. Apart from the destruction to human life and society that religious conflict has caused, this fact is particularly devastating because it defeats the purpose of religion! Religion should unite all hearts and cause wars and disputes to vanish from the face of the earth; it should give birth to spirituality, and bring light and life to every soul. 

I don't know what to explain actually . Sorry if is not answering the question  :( 

  4. What is a question you have about american culture ? Is there something you would like to know more about ? 

Answer : 

I want so excited to know all our culture .For american culture i want to ask about their : 
  •  What is their american clothing style ?
  •  What is their famous food that everyone will love to eat it ?
  •  Is there are also have their styles of cooking  ?
  • What is a famous sport at American ?
  • What is the best place at american for holiday ? 

5 . What is your favourite part about Malaysian Culture ? How would you describe Malaysia to someone who has never been here ? 

Answer :

My favourite part about Malaysian Culture is their food cause i am a food lover . i will tell you a few delicious and famous food at Malaysia and also my favourite food . haha, Although there are many restaurants in larger cities that serve foreign recipe such as from middle east, Europe and America, but the Traditional food still can be found everywhere and they are cheap and delicious one at street stalls . 

  • Lontong   
Lontong is among the popular traditional Malaysian food especially during Hari Raya for Muslim in Malaysia.  The lontong is that made of compressed rice wrapped inside banana leaf that is then cut into small cakes as staple food replacement of steamed rice. The smaller size of lontong filled with vegetables such as carrot, common bean and potato. Sometimes it also filled with meat, are eaten as snack.
Lontong is traditionally made by boiling the rice until it is partially cooked and packing it tightly into a rolled-up banana leaf. The leaf is secured and cooked in boiling water for about 90 minutes. Once the compacted rice has cooled, it can be cut up into bite-sized pieces

  • Murtabak
The murtabak is popular food, but many visitors miss out on this murtabak treat because many eateries promote naan and tandoori chicken over it.
It is basically a plain roti canai, a pan-fried bread with an omelets-like stuffing with eggs and onions with chicken, beef or mutton with either curry sauce or dahl for it sauce.
  • Satay
Satay are barbecued skewers of meat, typically chicken or beef. What separates satay from your ordinary kebab is the slightly spicy peanut-based dipping sauce.

   6 . What you  will be like in 10 years ? What career will you have ? Will you travel ? Will you be married ? Kids ? Will you go to graduate school? What do you hope to accomplish in the next 10 years ?

Answer : 

I will work as a Civil Engineer in a big company and further my study to the next level until i get the tittle of Dr and if i am lucky i will be an Ir . Definitely ! Since i have a lot of money and a good job then i will travel all around the world and yes with my husband . Hahha . Of course , i will have kids ( 3 kids maybe ) . If i have something to do there maybe i will pay a visit at my graduate school .  i hope i will be a good engineer and successful woman . Besides that , i have travel all places that i want to go . 


Hanya Kamu
Saturday, 9 November 2013 • 11:45 pm • 0 comments
Hai Again .....Just listen this :

 Kitaa selalu jer gaduh , saya tahu salah saya ... Maafkan saya .. i am really love you .. Miss the old you b .. Aku selalu tak hargai seseorang yang dtg dalam hidup aku kan ..  Bodohnya aku ! aku selalu buat dia tension .Do you happy with me b ? Aku  XNAK  kehilangan dia .. i am sorry for all i did ... please forgive me . i know you was hurt but i just a girl who did a mistake and i am sorry for that . When i said it , it's mean i feel so so sad to make you hurt ..

Bodohnya seseorang tu kalau dia tak hargai orang yg dia syg lakukan untuknya..
 i hope i'm not  the stupid girl ...

Aku hanyalah insan biasa yang ingin disayangi ,  tidak disakiti..
  memahamiku , menerimaku seadanya , sanggup memenuhi permintaanku dan hanya menyintaiku ...

Aku tak sanggup jauh darimu
Kerna kau yang membuat aku menyayangmu
Cinta yang ku punya bukan sekadar kata
Cintaku ini abadi untuk mu

Kasih jangan jangan jangan jangan kau pergi
Jangan pernah meningggalkan aku sendiri
Aku tak bisa aku tak sanggup bila sendiri

Thankyou be mine . thankyou for make me happy . thankyou for take care me .. i love you b . please don't leave me  , i'm SORRY b ..
 ku akui ku bahagia bersamamu dan kau selalu nak yang terbaik untuk hubungan ini ..

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